Episode 04: In Some Sort of Subversive Way

Hi Brian!

Look!  We updated a week after the last update!  Progress!

Here’s Episode 4: http://bit.ly/hXjuJt

This week, we take a look at last week’s challenge, debate short form indie games vs. long form AAA games (the word succulent is involved), spend a minute updating about MMO gaming, and briefly discuss Red Dead Redemption.

Mike took a break  from watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to record this, so let’s show him we appreciate it by listening and commenting, yeah?


Phyta – This week’s challenge game.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the name to download the .zip file.  It’s pretty cool.

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Episode 03: An Insufficient Apology

Hi Brian,

We promise not to make a habit of needing to apologize to you…  I know it’s been a while.  No, we haven’t stopped doing the podcast…  No, neither of us is dead…  No, I will not take off my shirt–  Nevermind.

Here’s the link to episode 3: CLICK HERE!

In our first podcast of the year two thousand and eleven (is there an “and” in there?), Mike and I talk about the games that have kept us away from podcasting, Mike gives us his minute, we speak for a few moments about indie game Oiligarchy, and debrief the old and issue a new CHALLENGE.  It’s an exciting time.

Also, we make a desperate plea for comments.  I want to highlight that.  You know, so you comment.  Play these games with us, Brian!  Let’s have some rousing discussions like old men in a smoky pub in some city that probably ends in a -shire!

Til next week,



Oiligarchy – The Oil Tycoon political indie sim game that we talked about.  Paolo Pedercini and Molleindustria do some really interesting stuff.

Minecraft – Indie and critical darling.  It’s here if you haven’t played it yet.

Global Agenda – The MMO from this weeks Challenge!

Atlantica – An MMO that has one several awards and was discussed briefly in this weeks MMMOM

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Episode 02: Good Home Cooking

Hey everybody sorry this is a little later than last week.  We hope to get back on a regular Wednesday rotation soon.

Yeah, so in this episode, I talk a little about Cataclysm now that it’s released and Kemp shares an article he found about how video games are like cars.  We also do a bit of a post-mortem on our first ever challenge, my MMMOM, and Kemp hits me up with an art game called Air Pressure.  As always, Brian, feel free to leave comments and let us know what you think!

Also, “form belies content…”  The quote is actually from Charles Olson: “Form is never more than an extension of content.” (I like this a lot -K)

Click here to download this week’s episode: http://bit.ly/dSmpRN


Air Pressure – Kemp’s challenge this week.

Video Games Art Not Art, They Are… Cars – The article that Kemp referenced.  (Read it.  Think about it. – K)

Space Funeral – The “blood” game I mentioned to Kemp in the podcast.  It’s weird.  (I thought it was sort of interesting…  I mean, how can you go wrong when a character’s name is Leg Horse?)

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Episode 01: The Podcast Menace

Hi Brian,

Here’s the link to Episode 1: The Podcast Menace: http://bit.ly/dP22Hp

Eventually, we’ll probably put the files up here on WordPress, but Dropbox links are all we have right now.

This episode, I reflect on a little bit of the current evolution of platformers, Mike talks about why we don’t complete games, and we talk a bit about life-sim games.  All that, plus MMMOM and our very first CHALLENGE.

Some links:

VVVVVV – A neat little indie platform game.

A Theory of Fun for Game Design – Seriously.  Awesome book.  It makes it on most designers’ most important game design books list.

Alter Ego – The life-sim game I played for maybe a little too long.  Tell us what you think!

To Do: Finish Any Game – This is the article that I talked about in episode 1.  (Mike, we really have to work on your blog posting format skills.  Just sayin’.)

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Episode 0: The Prequel

Mike wanted to upload episode zero.  So here ya go.

If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the “pilot” to our little show.  Perhaps only for a limited time.  Probably not.

http://bit.ly/bNqjdk Here is the drop box link for Episode 0

In this “pilot” Kemp and I discuss Diablo 3 and some narrative story structure around Portal.  We also introduce MMMOM.

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Hello World.

Hey Brian,

We wanted to make this blog so that you could talk to us. I dunno. Maybe you want to. So we’ll post the podcast episodes here, link to downloads, articles that we reference, and, probably on more than one occasion, some indie games (especially if I have anything to say about it.)

Anyway, Brian, I’ll be posting Episode 01 tomorrow morning. You know, when I pick up the flash drive I forgot at the studios…


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